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SEKO to be on the crest of a wave  since 1992

SEKO to be on the crest of a wave since 1992

Flavour first

Our first products appeared on the Polish tables in 1992. Then our motto became: always ride the wave of flavour. Years passed, culinary trends and tastes changed, but we have been faithful to our idea.


Thanks to that, we are now one of the leaders of fish processing in Poland. A company known and valued for its dishes and appetizers with a distinct flavour, offering over 200 delicious proposals: from classic salted fish to perfectly prepared and seasoned dishes, such as the delicious Greek-style fish.


We supplement traditional offerings, such as herring in cream or pickled fish, with seasonal assortment, which is a real treat for anyone who enjoys fish delicacies.

Tradition and care for the environment

Tradition and care for the environment

Our core values

We care deeply about the environment. It is the source of what is most precious to us – fish, the primary ingredient of our products. That is why we use only the best fisheries. However, before the fish can reach your table, its is carefully selected and then finely combined with condiments and spices.


And since we have always followed natural flavours, more than half of our products contain no preservatives at all. Furthermore, this number is constantly growing and gaining us the recognition of connoisseurs not only in Poland, but also abroad.

We are from Poland!

We are from Poland!

Polish capital only

We are proud to be a Polish company. Our strength is over 500 employees and modern machine fleet, in which we constantly invest and which we develop in order to deliver consistently delicious products of the highest quality to the tables of our customers.


In order to achieve this goal, we naturally care about sustainability – that is why our plant uses renewable energy sources: we generate electricity from modern photovoltaic cells, recover heat from the refrigeration system and we have our own water treatment infrastructure. Our packaging is fully recyclable.


In business, we also focus on professionalism. That is why in 2007 SEKO S.A. made a bold step and entered the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Today, we are the only company in the fish processing industry present on the WSE.


Our aim is to bring the tastiest products to you every day!

Taste wins!