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How to grill fish properly?

Grilled fish is a tasty dish appreciated by those who like to eat healthy. However, it is necessary to know a few tricks in order to prepare such a fine and light dish.

Before preparing the fish you should get aluminium foil or grill trays.  Fish grilled on aluminium/tray does not lose its shape and nor break when you turn it over.


You can grill practically each fish species depending on what you like. Carp, trout, salmon or mackerel can be a perfect barbecue dish. Bigger fish need to be divided into roughly equal-sized pieces (e.g. “bell-shaped”). Smaller fish can be grilled in one piece, but it is necessary to make a few cuts on the fish before grilling.


Fish also needs to stay in a special marinade for at least an hour before you put in onto the grill. If you like intense tastes, you can leave your fish in the marinade for more time (up to 24 hours). A good basis for the marinade would be olive oil, herbs, spices and lemon juice.


To keep the fish from sticking, grease the foil or tray with butter or olive oil. Then put the fish on the hot grill. A well-prepared dish needs your attention; grill the fish for 20-30 minutes and remember to turn it over a few times. If you do this gently, you can be assured that your dish will come out just as you planned it.