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How to check whether your fish is fresh?

In order to prepare a healthy, tasty dish that looks good, you have to have a piece of fresh fish or other meat. All you have to do to obtain the results you want is to follow a few simple rules.


Above all, don't get misled by how the fish looks when displayed on a shelf. It is particularly important when you buy fish in large supermarkets.


A fresh fish has a characteristic springy texture. The easiest way to check it is to lightly press the fish with your finger (remember to use a disposable bag or glove). If the dent you made with your finger does not spring back, it means that the fish is no longer very fresh. You can be assured it is fresh only if the dent disappears quickly.


{The freshness of the fish, we also know by the look of their anatomy elements such as the eyes, jaw or gills.The freshness of fish can also be assessed on the basis of how its eyes, jaws and gills look like. Eyes of a fresh fish should be bright, glassy and convex. If they are turbid and hollow, it means that the fish has been kept at the store for too long. Look at the gills, which are dark pink and located close to the body when the fish is fresh. As time passes, they lose their colour and become pale and darker. Also the scales should tightly adhere to the body.

The mucus that covers the body of the fish is another indicator of whether it is fresh or not. A fresh fish is never sticky. If its mucus looks gluey and there is a lot of it, it is better not to buy it.


As in the case of many other food products, the smell is a good indicator of freshness. It should be characteristically sweetish. A foreign intense smell means that the fish is not fresh.


You can do a final test at home by putting the fish you bought into water. If it flows onto the surface, it is better not to eat it.